Jane Tobiishi
Cooking adviser, Food marketing planner,"Cookie Artist".

Jane has published over twenty cook books, including some best sellers. Many
of her books emphasize healthy recipes. She also appears on television
cooking shows where she shares her wonderful recipes with viewers.

In 2003 Jane opened Bartok Gallery in Kyobashi,Tokyo featuring the art of
many illustrators. Though Jane is both owner and curator of Bartok Gallery,
and considers herself a producer of talented illustrators.

Eventually the illustrators at Bartok Gallery inspired Jane to make art
herself. Having cooking experience already, Jane decided to make "cookie
art". Her canvas is made of sugar, flour and butter. Her medium is icing
made of egg whites, confectioners' sugar and food coloring.

When the icing is dry, Jane's cookies are done and ready to be seen (not

はらぺこワニくん ハローブルーベア
                            (C) Jane Tobiishi
ジェイン トビイシ


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